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The best time to visit Universal Studios depends on many different factors.

Determining the best time to visit Universal Studios can depend on various factors - whether it's coordinating around family or work commitments, a preference for cooler weather, or an inclination to experience the thrilling Halloween Horror Nights. Yet, irrespective of individual timetables and likes, there are periods during the year that provide an optimal balance of crowd size, cost of entry, and park activities. In the following section, we will delve into the most favorable times to venture to Universal Studios and explain the reasons behind our recommendations.

Visit Universal Studios Orlando’s website for park hours.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Universal Studios Orlando?

The best time to go to Universal Studios Orlando is September after Labor Day through the middle of October. This is based on various factors, including ticket pricing, crowds, events, and weather.

Ticket pricing

The first factor is ticket pricing, which we based on a one-day, one-park ticket with no discounts or add-ons. You will find some of the cheapest ticket pricing of the year between September and October. There are many weekdays where you can purchase park tickets at Universal Studios lowest ticket tier, which is $109 for 2023 during this period.

Prices increase slightly on the weekends and rise closer to Halloween.

Crowd Calendar

The correlation between ticket prices and crowd sizes is generally consistent: when the cost of admission is lower, the number of visitors tends to decrease. This approach of flexible pricing, often called "surge pricing," is consciously employed by Universal and Disney to entice guests during less busy periods. Thus, lower ticket prices usually signify the days when Universal is less crowded.

Crowds are usually thinner from just after Labor Day until mid-October, as most children have resumed school after the Labor Day weekend. Furthermore, parents are less inclined to pull their kids out of school for a vacation immediately following the summer break. This makes it an excellent time to explore Universal and other theme parks in Orlando.

While you might notice a minor uptick in crowd numbers during weekends due to local residents and annual pass holders, it's usually not as noticeable as during peak periods like summer or spring break. Remember, an express pass is always an option to mitigate crowd issues. The busiest time for Universal Studios Orlando typically falls between May and August.


Central Florida's weather provides another compelling incentive to plan a trip to Universal between mid-September and mid-October. Typically, Florida shifts from a tropical climate with regular afternoon thunderstorms to a dry, low-humidity pattern featuring scarce rainy days during this period. Those visiting in October can anticipate days with maximum temperatures in the low to mid-80s, complemented by low humidity and pleasant, breezy evenings.

Other Great Times to Visit Universal

While mid-September through mid-October is the best time to visit Universal, there are other periods throughout the year when you’d experience low crowds, great weather, and plenty of activities. Here are some of the other great times to visit Universal:

January — The End of February

The period just after New Year’s and before March first is historically the least crowded time of the year to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Crowds increase on certain long weekends, like Martin Luther King Jr. Day (the third Monday in January) and President’s Day (the third Monday in February). Still, most weekends and weekdays are great times to visit.

Suppose you choose to visit right after New Year’s. In that case, you can experience all the Universal holiday festivities and decorations without the holiday crowds. Universal Studios Christmas decor typically stays up through the first weekend in January. You can also join in on the festive fun of Mardi Gras, which starts in early February every year.

The weather is typically very comfortable during this time as well. There’s low humidity, below-average precipitation, and only a few “cold snaps” (which in Florida means any day under 70 degrees). So overall, you’ll experience the type of weather you can boast about to your friends up north who are stuck in snowy cities.

Ticket prices are typically some of the lowest of the entire year during this time, too!

End of April — Mid-May

The spring break rush leading up to Memorial Day is another excellent time to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Again, low attendance will allow you to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, the VelociCoaster at Jurassic World, and thrill rides like Rip, Ride, and Rockit with short wait times. Weather-wise, you can expect warm, summer-like temperatures with increasing humidity and some intense afternoon thundershowers that pass quickly.